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WoPeeH notoriety
February 06 2018
663 respondents
- 48% internet search
- 30% via a magazine
- 13% by a friend
- 4% via social media or website
- 3% saw WoPeeH on a fair
- 2% via another channel


Urinary aid WoPeeH®-pocket

Urinary device WoPeeH-pocket
For women who stand up!

WoPeeH-pocket is the new reusable urinary aid for the modern woman!
Designed for use without lowering your pants: discreet just as we want it!
WoPeeH-pocket is specially designed to take with you when you are on the go: small and closable.
Made of sturdy plastic, it is reliable in use and easy to rinse when you are finished.


peeing whilst standing up
  • can be used without lowering your pants!
  • is pressed tightly against your body during use
  • is made of a firm plastic (not a disposable)
  • is so small, it fits in your jeans-pocket
  • is easy and reliable in use
  • has a comfortable long spout
  • dries well off, so may be used without toilet paper
  • is closable for an easy and hygienic transportation
  • need more info? Download here user guide

Not afraid to try something new?

Then use your WoPeeH...
  • when toilet facilities are not hygienic at public facilities en route or at popfestivals
    remember... a lady also keeps the toiletseat clean!!
  • on holiday trips: when hiking, cycling or sailing and no sanitary facilities
    are available: just like a man... find a tree!!
  • if you are an outdoor professional and not sure about hygienic facilities on the go
  • interested? please feel free to check our reviews .
    and see what women say about WoPeeH-pocket

Check out here the party video made by students of
the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Enjoy! :)

Video festivals Women use WoPeeH-pocket

Urinary device WoPeeH-pocket black Urinary device WoPeeH-pocket green Urinary device WoPeeH-pocket pink Urinary device WoPeeH-pocket mint Urinary device WoPeeH-pocket blue

Buy your WoPeeH here

Discount for dirty carnivals toilets!
Alaaf: lots of beer...!!
That makes everyone happy! But not that pee! Because with all those people those toilets are really not clean! Do you prefer to stand? Then buy your new urinary device here!

Use discount code
(Valid until march 6)
for 2,50 euro carnival discount.

The website is updated and has now a new more colorful look.
2, 3 en 4 march 2018
WoPeeH is present at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht.
23 May 2017
The website of WoPeeH is secured with SSL.
Feb 2017
We introduced a new color WoPeeH-pocket Secret Black!

B.K. (Germany) | 16/02/2018
Dear Astrid,
as your first German customer I wanted to let you know that my wopeeh was in the mail yesterday, the 13th of february.
I´m very pleased with it, it is a clever design and works very well. Thanks :)

M.B. (France) | 27/08/2017
I already bought one and you gave me one for free which I gave to my friend. Today, I need 2 more for me because I’m so happy about it and makes my life much easy...

Please feel free to check what Dutch ladies said about WoPeeH-pocket and translate some more reviews ».

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