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WoPeeH notoriety
May 29 2020
- 997 respondents
- 12% via a friend
- 46% internet search
- 7% via social media or website
- 30% via a magazine
- 5% via another channel


General information

For security reasons and to prevent spam your IP-address is stored when you contact us.

If you contact WoPeeH your personal information will only be used for answering your questions or comments.
If you send me a review the (nick) name you indicate will be published with the review. Personal information will never be shared with other parties nor be published online.

For ordering at the webshop only personal information that is necessary for shipping is required.

This website does not use cookies nor collect any personal information. However cookies are required for a proper functioning of our webshop.

WoPeeH-pocket is a Dutch product that is sold at the WoPeeH-webshop and some specialized OutDoor Shops in the Netherlands. When you place an order you will recieve an order confirmation by email within a few minutes. If you do not recieve your order confirmation immediately after your purchase please check your spambox and, when needed please contact us.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you notice an error in the shipping address

After your payment is recieved your order is usually shipped the same day via PostNL at the current postal rate.
WoPeeH-pocket is send by regular post service.

Small orders (up to 5 WoPeeH′s) can be deliverd in your postbox so there is no need to be at home for delivery.
We can not indicate in advance exactly how long it will take before an order is delivered to an address outside the Netherlands.
As far as we experienced shipping to Belgium takes about 3 days, to France takes about 5 days and to Germany takes about a week.
Shipping of 1 or 2 WoPeeH's costs 3 stamps
Shipping of 1 or 2 WoPeeH′s for the Netherland costs 2,88 eur
Shipping of 1 or 2 WoPeeH′s outside the Netherlands usually costs 4,65 eur (depending on the destination)

Per 1-jan-2022 1 stamp costs:
for the Netherlands 0,96 eur
for outside the Netherlands 1,55 eur

Please check the Shipping information in our webshop for more info.

In the WoPeeH-webshop you can pay via Prepayment or Paypal.
When you choose Prepayment you have to make a payment via your banking site.
When using Paypal you may use thefollowong emailaddress:

WoPeeH does not support payment via Ideal.

Do you want extra information on how to use WoPeeH-pocket? Please download the User guide here.

You may download here the Conditions of the WoPeeH-webshop.


You may order your WoPeeH again via the

Elsy | 08/07/2022
Geniaal hulpstukje... 1 keer geprobeerd met broek op m’n enkels om ongelukjes te voorkomen, ging zonder problemen.
Net na een paar biertjes met overvolle blaas en broek aan try-out gedaan ...
Elsy | 27/06/2022
Graag wou ik mijn ervaring met de wopeeh delen.
Deze is onmisbaar! Standaard gaat deze mee in mijn zadeltas van mijn gravelbike. ...
Wilma | 21/07/2021
Ik ben erg blij met m’n Wopeeh, ’n superuitvinding. Ik gebruik ’m regelmatig. Helaas merkte ik vandaag ...

WoPeeH is a Dutch product that is produced in Delft.
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