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WoPeeH notoriety
August 05 2019
921 respondents
- 11% via a friend
- 45% internet search
- 6% via social media or website
- 3% saw WoPeeH on a fair
- 32% via a magazine
- 2% via another channel



Answers to some questions


How to open your WoPeeH-pocket?

This is the way to open your WoPeeH:
Please click open in the picture.

closable urinary device for women
Take care: you may damage the pin or groove if you use too much force.

To open your WoPeeH:
1. Pull off the cap,
2. Pull,
3. Turn and 4. Pull the front end until fully extended.

You may also want to see our '.LINK_DOWNLOAD_MANUAL.'.

How far should you lower your pants to be able to urinate?

In order to urinate with a WoPeeH you have to open the top of your pants and your fly so that you can push your pants a bit down at the front. You have to make a space that allows you to push your slip aside and push with some fingers below your WoPeeH against your body. The nozzle of the WoPeeH must point a little downwards.

You can try it out with a straight object, maybe a toothbrush or something alike. Push this object with some fingers below against your body as described above. The point should point a little downward.
You will notice that your pants are pushing against your hand. For this reason many flexible urinating devices force you to lower your pants way more down than you like.

Size of WoPeeH-pocket

  • length closed: 14 cm
  • length extended: 18 cm
  • diameter cap ± 3 cm
  • weight: ± 47 gr
Because of the curved shape a WoPeeH-pocket can be placed in a jeanspocket somewhat around the hip wich makes a discrete storage and comfortable transportation possible.

Is the use of a hard plastic device painful?

No, nobody has informed me that the use was painful. The rounded edges and the specially shaped backside of the device makes that you can use it for wiping dry without discomfort. The advantage of a firm material above flexiblel material is that you can press it firmly against your body. This results in less moisture on your body and also you can do without substantial disrobing. After all you don't have to worry (as with a flexible device) that it deforms during use.

What is the best way to test WoPeeH?

It is important to take some time to practice in order to get confidence it works for you as you want it.
Women indicated that the best way to start using WoPeeH-pocket is practising in the shower or bathtub. Once you have experienced it works you can try it at your toilet. After practicing a few times at home you will feel confident enough to use it in other places when appropriate.
About targeting!

The device allows you to aim at the right spot. Hygiene on public toilets will improve considerably if ladies no longer have to hang above the toilet to avoid physical contact.

Why would a woman ever want to pee standing up?

Actually I had no idea of the usefulness of this device before I made it. It proved to be very convenient when no toilet was available, when facilities were unhygienic and when toilet pater was not available.

Does it work well for all women
regardless their body characteristics?

Unfortunately not, testing revealed that it does not work correctly for women with large inner labia.

Also I recieved the message that a large flow of urine may cause overflow of the device.

Is it really possible to use the device without lowering your pants?

Yes, the only thing you have to do is open your fly, loosen your belt and make some room for positioning the device.
Actually lowering your pants will increase the likelyhood of soiling it!

Do I use the device myself?

Yes, I take my WoPeeH with me whenever I go outdoors,
but I don't always need to use it.

Isn't it unhygienic if no water is available for cleaning? How do you solve this?

I just close the device on both ends and put it into my pocket - it never spilled. It is recommended but not necessary to clean your WoPeeH immediately after use. If no clean water is availalble just carry it with you until you find a suited place to rinse it.
I have never thought: this is unhygienic. I have, however, thought frequently: I am so glad that I can go whenever and wherever I need to :)

The website is updated and has now a new more colorful look.
2, 3 en 4 march 2018
WoPeeH is present at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht.
23 May 2017
The website of WoPeeH is secured with SSL.
Feb 2017
We introduced a new color WoPeeH-pocket Secret Black!

B.K. (Germany) | 16/02/2018
Dear Astrid,
as your first German customer I wanted to let you know that my wopeeh was in the mail yesterday, the 13th of february.
I´m very pleased with it, it is a clever design and works very well. Thanks :)

M.B. (France) | 27/08/2017
I already bought one and you gave me one for free which I gave to my friend. Today, I need 2 more for me because I’m so happy about it and makes my life much easy...

Please feel free to check what Dutch ladies said about WoPeeH-pocket and translate some more reviews ».

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