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WoPeeH notoriety
August 05 2019
921 respondents
- 11% via a friend
- 45% internet search
- 6% via social media or website
- 3% saw WoPeeH on a fair
- 32% via a magazine
- 2% via another channel


Mini Weblog

So many (good) things in life...

(when enjoying life in your garden sometimes makes you think things over)

I created WoPeeH-pocket myself and you I sell it in my webshop. So you are buying it here directly from the inventor, ...me! :)
I am always very pleased to see in the LINK_REVIEWS_DUTCH how WoPeeH is used and how women think of it...
so please let me know and send me your reviews also.

I decided to write a Mini Blog on my findings as a inventor of WoPeeH-pocket and newbe in business. So many interesting things happen all the time. But, being not a native speaker in English I only write my blog in Dutch
So if you are interested in reading my blog please feel free to translate via an online translating tool.

You can find my Dutch Mini blog here.

The website is updated and has now a new more colorful look.
2, 3 en 4 march 2018
WoPeeH is present at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht.
23 May 2017
The website of WoPeeH is secured with SSL.
Feb 2017
We introduced a new color WoPeeH-pocket Secret Black!

B.K. (Germany) | 16/02/2018
Dear Astrid,
as your first German customer I wanted to let you know that my wopeeh was in the mail yesterday, the 13th of february.
I´m very pleased with it, it is a clever design and works very well. Thanks :)

M.B. (France) | 27/08/2017
I already bought one and you gave me one for free which I gave to my friend. Today, I need 2 more for me because I’m so happy about it and makes my life much easy...

Please feel free to check what Dutch ladies said about WoPeeH-pocket and translate some more reviews ».

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