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WoPeeH notoriety
May 29 2020
- 997 respondents
- 12% via a friend
- 46% internet search
- 7% via social media or website
- 30% via a magazine
- 5% via another channel



The website is updated and has now a new more colorful look.

2, 3, 4 mrt 2018
Op 2, 3 en 4 maart staat staat WoPeeH-pocket weer met een standje op de Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht.

WoPeeH-pocket can be purchased via Bol.com. Although the costs for me are higher the price is about the same as in my WoPeeH-webshop /index.php">WoPeeH-webshop.

The website of WoPeeH is secured with SSL.

WoPeeH introduced the new color: Secret Black!

11-12 feb. 2017
WoPeeH-pocket is present at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht.

On 27-28 februari WoPeeH-pocket is present at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Antwerp.

20-21 february WoPeeH-pocket was present at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in the trade fair in Utrecht.

February 6 and 7 a stand of WoPeeH-pocket will be present at the new Kampeer Fiets en Wandelbeurs in the TT Hall Assen.

05/07/2015 The reviews of the testing team of Mediamatic were presented on June 25th and I am proud to let you know that the team found that WoPeeH-pocket was the only one of the tested devices that can be used discretely without undressing (even when wearing tight jeans).

A member of the test panel told me that some leakage occurred when the device was not pressed securely against the body. Some testing ladies were even reluctant to do so. The required close (sealing) contact between the body and the urinary device as explained in the manual took some practice which made the device more difficult to use. I would therefore recommend anyone new to using WoPeeH to carefully read the instructions before use, and practice in a familiar environment first to ensure a smooth and confident WoPeeH experience.

I hope that the Mediamatic reviews will helpwomen to make a good choice in the available urinary devices. I am sure that WoPeeH-pocket will help women that appreciate discretion to feel more confident.

WoPeeH-pocket is tested by the Pis’team of Mediamatic
"The Pisí project is an exploration of urine,
both culturally, artistically and biologicall"

Read more on the Pis’ blog...

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Chris | 08/04/2021
Ik ben erg blij met mijn ’Golden edition’ van de WoPeeh. Tot mijn verrassing ging het de eerste keer goed! Hartelijk dank voor dit fijne product. Ik verheug me erop om het zodra het weer kan ...
M. | 22/03/2021
Bedankt voor je snelle reactie en uitgebreide informatie, blij mee! Het gaat nu goed!
Het probleem was dat ik hem inderdaad...
Marlies | 18/03/2021
Het leek zo ideaal! Toen ik de Wopeeh per post ontving kon ik niet wachten om hem uit te proberen. Even wachten nog en toen ajaaaa... Nee dus, ik blokkeerde gewoon...
Trix | 04/02/2021
Ik ben heel blij met de WoPeeh. Ik heb hem alleen nog thuis kunnen uitproberen, en dat ging prima.
Ik heb ontdekt dat ik het opvangbakje beter kan manoeuvreren als ik het tuitje nog niet opentrek; zo...

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